Tech Blade

Triband LED Bracelet

Smart Sleeve

Smarty Mic Earbuds

Video Sports Balls

Media Player Lanyard

Survival Multi-Tool

Teslin Tripple Key Tags

Teslin Loyalty Card with Key Tag

Teslin Loyalty Card

Sound Tube

Micro Sound Button with Magnet

Sound Magazine Insert

Paper Insert Ball

MOVA Globes

Dynamo Micro Flashlight

Custom Printed Sound Tube


RPM Flash Drive

Cellphone Recliner with Screen Cleaner

Lighted Badge Holder

Micro Sound Desk Button Business Card Holder

Spinner Metal Keyholder

Sound Pen

Sharper Beat Stereo Earbuds

Sharper Beat Stereo Headphones

Sharper Beat Microphone Earbuds with Zip Case

Mini Stationary Set

Lighted Party/Safety Wand

Geek Pack

Custom Shape Blinking Styrene Button

Jelli Mini Fans

Jackpot Keychain

Jackpot Pen

17- LED Sport Flashlight

Mini Flashlight Key Light

Clip-On Keylight

9-LED Fashion Flashlight

Mini Carabiner Flashlight

Blinking Rectangle Celluloid Button

Blinking Round Celluloid Button

Spring Pen

Spinner Brochure

Telescoping Card

Picture Changer Brochure


Transformation Puzzle

24-LED Closet Light

Zeus Power Bank


Sound Presentation Folder

Tri-Highlighter #299400

Soft Grip Touch Stylus Pen - #3340 series

Mini Stylus Pen - #3342 series

Mini Light Pen - #3245 series

Jar of Highlighters

Ginormous Highlighters - #2990 series

Executive Twist Stylus Pen - #3345 series

Jam Stand 360 Demo

Jam Stand

Bubblegum Earbuds

Sound Card for Beauty

Sound Cards B2B

Sound Card Real Estate

Sound Card for Healthcare

Sound Card for Food & Beverages

Invitation Sound Card

Sound Card!

Sound Card!

Sound Card

Piggyback Power Pack - Clear/White

Piggyback Power Pack - Chrome/White

Video in Print® Book with Chapter Buttons

Lighted Charm Necklaces

Red LED Flashing YoYos #4615 Series

Micro Sound Button #5770 Series

Sound Key Chains #1810 Series

Big Sound Button #5755 Series

Clip-On Flashlight Strobe #2685 Series

Motion-Activated Flashing Bracelets #4118 Series

Lighted Logo Pens #301 Series

Lighted Economy Standard Pen #3115 Series

3-In-1 Hi-Tech Pen #3350 Series

Ear Candy - Round

Red LED Lighted Stylus Logo Pen

Video In Print Custom NAM Brochure with chapter buttons

Ear Candy - Rectangle

Smarty Swipe

Lighted, Blinking, Glacier Balls! #5127 Series

Economy Lighted Message Fan #FL300 Series

Sound-Activated Flashing Bracelets #4117 Series

Flashing Shoe Dazzle #4131 Series

Flashing Flex Bracelets #4111 series

Custom Sound Card- OFFSET PRINTING #911 Custom

Derrick Brooks - Custom Sound Card

The Original Telephone Ringing Card 'TRC'

CPB - 100 Power Bank

Clegg Bots

I-CleggCase iPhone® 4/5 Case with Card Slot

Chameleon Flashing Bracelet

Flashing Shoe Dazzle

Sharper Beat 'Rock' Bluetooth Speaker

Sharper Beat 'Rock' Bluetooth Speaker [Client Safe]

I-Clegg LED Case for iPhone® 4/5

Ice Cube Media Hub

Lighted Stylus Logo Pens

Clip-On Flashlight Strobes

Plethora Of New Products - The Joe Show

Light Up Your Holidays with Holiday Bounce Pens

Big Sound Button - Audio AND Visual Imprints

At CleggPromo We Care

Jingle Bell Bots


Our floating spinner 'floats' above the magnetic base. Spin it and watch it move, just like magic! Great executive desktop entertainment!

FROSTED Blinking Balls

Sound Activated Bracelets

Talking Bottle Opener

Motion Activated Light Up Bracelets

Clegg's Jumbo Jet Simulator Video!

Webkey Button

Don Sanders LOVES our new Bracelets!

Oracle's Harlem Shake video!

RFID safe Aluminum Wallet

AIA/Brand Outfitters Boogie Bot video!

What Clegg is all about! -SR VP

Harlem Shake video

Motion Activated Light Bracelet

NEW Jelli Fans!

Clegg's Christmas Music Video!

NEW Sharper Beat Headphone

NEW Sharper Beat Ear Buds

NEW Ginormous Highlighter

NEW USB Desk Lamp


Evolution of Clegg CARDS!

Get more bang, do the Clegg thang!

SR VP Michael Bistocchi's Promo Ideas at SAAGNY '12


Video Lanyard Badge

VIP Card-Client Friendly Video

Glacier Balls!


VIP: Video in Print

Custom Sound Folders

Clegg's Sound Bottle Opener in ACTION!

Pop Artist Ricky J Endorses Clegg

Rockn' around the Holiday Bots...

Clegg's Necklaces: Light the Night & Bring the Bling!

A Clegg Christmas Carol

CleggPromo'S Party Wands in Concert

Cards with Sound Commercial

Smart & Savvy - The Joe Show

Fun Promos - The Joe Show

New, Fun Promos - The Joe Show

Samsung's tiny suitcase tchotchke

Products For Fall Promotions - The Joe Show

Michael Bistocchi- Sr. VP of Marketing and Sales

Custom 10-second Sound Cards by CleggPromo

Petey from CleggPromo

Petey from Clegg has got the BLING!

Petey's Got Your Back with CPSIA Compliant Merchandise

Petey Gets a Custom Sound Card!

Marvelous Mini Briefcase on Meditation Monday


Petey's Got MESSAGE FANS that will blow you away!

INSANELY COOL BLOW Sensor Cards from CleggPromo?!

Sound Mailing Tubes

Put YO-YO's into YO Business!

Clegg's Blinking Celluloid buttons get you noticed!

It's Clegg's cool light up LOGO PENS, did I stutter?

Big Sound Button

Halloween Light Up Bounce Pen

The Most CREATIVE Woman in the World

What do you think of Clegg?


Blinking Balls

Boogie Bots