Buffalo Sabres Motion Activated Bracelet

Buffalo Sabres Motion Activated Bracelet

Case Study Description

Objective: The client was looking for an interactive product to hand out during the National Hockey League’s Season Home Opener for the Buffalo Sabres. We showed them our Motion Activated Bracelet which lights up when the user moves his/her wrist. They were interested in the product and requested an entirely custom design with an orange bracelet face and a blue silicon band.

Execution: The client placed an order for 20,000 pieces of the bracelet using the Buffalo Sabres art on the bracelet face and the sponsor’s name, First Niagra, on the silicon band. The bracelets were passed out to attendees at the season home opener game.

Results: The client absolutely loved the product! The NHL posted a video to their website showing the entire arena illuminated by the motion activated bracelets. Since then we have been working with this distributor to create specs and virtuals for all other NHL teams and for NBA teams as well.

Case Study Details